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I have a first class degree in animation, and yet through all the years of my education, I have never seen so many excellent tutorials and examples with brilliant explanations and crystal clear instruction of how to do something from beginning to end. You learn all the secrets including how to fix and avoid problems. I am learning a lot and loving every moment of it.

Bernd R.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the folks here at Game Institute who helped me to wrap my brain around this game development stuff. Using what I learned here at GI, I was able to develop and release an Xbox game under Microsoft's Community Games program. It's not much...but I did it in my spare time, and it's mildly addictive :)

Ron B.

I have greatly enjoyed the project based learning. The casual yet knowledgeable approach to the instruction is a joy to watch and learn. I find my self waiting for the next release. Although those are my most anticipated, I do find great value in the more "factual" classes as well - such as the history of computing and coding classes.

Tim W.